Business Startup Training Manual for the Washington D.C. Area

Starting a business can be risky.  And, new business survival can be difficult. Without the money to get started it can be something people assume is not for them. In addition, to increase your chances of succeeding you need:

  • To find the right business for you
  • A solid personalized business plan
  • Knowledge of how to register your company with the federal government
  • A website to promote your business on-line
  • Along with enough money to get started.

The Saafenet Corporation has started a revolution. Its new business survival training manual shows you in five easy steps how:

  • To find a business that’s right for you and how to determine who your best customers will be.
  • How to prepare a solid personalized business plan to make  everything happen.
  • Complete instruction on how to get your employer’s ID number with the federal Government.  How to set up your business credit file with Dun and Bradstreet so you have a legal and professionally recognized business.
  • And its tried and proven 5 point plan on how to get money you never repay, to  open your company  for business.  Even if you are starting with nothing.
former employee turned businessman by using the Saafenet system
former employee turned businessman by using the Saafenet system

Everyone that completes the Saafenet course is able to do these things for themselves and a lot more for little or no money.  Or if you prefer we can do everything for you.  Get your copy of the training manual today.  Either way, you will be ready to have your grand opening in 120 days after completely reading the manual.  While there are many books on starting a business this manual is unique.  After obtaining your copy, you can contact us and we will offer support as you implement our plan.



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  • Learn to improve your credit.
  • Get your Federal EIN .                                   Learn to apply for your EIN or have us do it
  • Get your DUNS number.                                   download
  • Build a Word Press website.               Your own Word Press Blog  
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The author is a retired CPA who went from earning $16,000 to $690,000 per year in under 24 short months.   Using his  five point fundraising plan you might do better than him 30 years ago, or you can keep trying get rich quick schemes that don’t work and two years will pass whether you get a copy or not. Learn to stop doubting yourself.
Shows you more than how to start a business, but how to achieve new business survival.
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